How to Overcome Holiday Anxiety

How to Overcome Holiday Anxiety


Holidays are supposed to be a welcome break from the stress and strain of work and life. Away from emails, deadlines and more, it's a chance to relax - but for some, this change in regular scheduled programming can trigger major anxiety.

Whether it's trying to organize a family trip with kids, or the pressure to have an amazing time, this season can be stressful. And for anyone who already struggles with anxiety, it can be downright overwhelming.

Just when you thought it was time to switch from your regular anxiety to our fancy, holiday anxiety, not so fast. Here are tips to keep your anxiety in check and enjoy your holiday season. 


1. Send out an SOS

The first step with managing anxiety is to recognize that it is present and it is having an impact on your life. Talk to someone you trust and tell them that you are struggling with the holiday or a particular aspect of it. Often we feel that we have to manage on our own.  This gives the appearance that we are coping when we might not be.

It can also be helpful to identify what parts of the holiday are causing the anxiety. If it is making phone calls or hosting, ask for help. If it is fears around what food will be available for you when you arrive, do some research so that you are prepared.


2. Include regular scheduled programming

Going on holiday doesn't have to mean a total break from routine. Fitting in things you enjoy doing day-to-day - such as going running or getting outside for a walk - are still possible during the holidays. 

Focus on the idea of enjoying the holiday as it is, not having a vision in your mind of 'the perfect holiday' as this is unattainable and you are setting yourself up to fail. Acknowledge that the holiday will be a unique experience."


3. Mindfulness for the win

Stress and anxiety around holidays are often linked to people projecting ahead - holidays are a change from our day-to-day routines and we aren’t enjoying the break because we're too busy worrying about the unknown. Being aware of your surroundings and focused on the here and now, can help you stay in the moment and improve your mental well-being.

Take a few minutes out each day to practice mindfulness can be extremely helpful. This little pause is about focusing on the here and now rather than the past or future. Staying mindful, slowing down a bit, checking ourselves before we wreck ourselves so we don't allow the holiday planning and preparation to overwhelm us completely.


4. Chill Vibe Gummies

The best was to overcome anxiety is to take precautionary measures. Regulate your nervous system so you are anxiety free this holiday season. Two Chill Vibe Gummies a day keeps the anxiety away. Chill Vibe Gummies are all-natural stress relief gummies made with Ashwagandha, an ancient herb known for its calming effects.

They are an easy, on-the-go way to relax and unwind. No more pills to choke down. These gummies are effective and delicious you will look forward to taking them every day.


5. Choose to say no

Try not to over schedule yourself during the holiday season. You don’t have to feel obligated to accept every invitation, and you may want to eliminate some traditions that cause you more stress than joy. Do an inventory of holidays festivities and try and eliminate those that are the most stressful.


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