At-Home Remedies to Help With Anxiety

All plans to have a productive day, a nice time out with loved ones, or a good night’s sleep go straight out the window when we are hit with anxiety. Sometimes it creeps up slowly—we can feel the restless unease for days before it settles in.

Other times, it hits us like a ton of bricks at once, leaving hearts racing, overwhelm, irritability, and an upset stomach. Some of us even live with chronic anxiety— it’s become a normal part of our lives so much so that to be without it is unfamiliar, so we find things to worry about.

Stress is normal. All humans experience stress in some way throughout each day. It’s our bodies’ survival mechanism to make sure we stay out of harm’s way, or don’t fall behind on important tasks. Anxiety, however, doesn’t have to be a part of our daily lives.

In fact, it’s usually synonymous with fear, which ties into our insecurities—a future-oriented mode that promotes unnecessary catastrophic predictions, creating narratives in our heads about ourselves and others, and preventing us from living in and enjoying the present moment.

Because of our social media and FOMO-driven society, anxiety is higher today than ever before. Some of us are more prone to anxiety than others, and some people even experience anxiety at a level that can be categorized as disordered behavior, aka anxiety disorder.

If you feel like you may be bordering on chronic when it comes to your anxiety levels, definitely seek a doctor for professional help. However, mitigating occasional anxiety can be done at home, with natural herbs and remedies to keep your cortisol levels in check. Here are some go-tos:


Ashwagandha root helps our body acclimate to stress and anxiety by actually reducing our cortisol levels significantly. While this herb can also help boost stamina and promote restful sleep, it’s a great supportive herb for hormone and mood health year-round, or when life comes at ya fast.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid, a compound known as GABA, can be found in sprouted whole grains, tomatoes, seaweed, and other food sources. It’s been shown to significantly increase alpha waves (those affiliated with relaxation and rest) and decrease beta waves (associated with active thinking and high alertness).


L-theanine is an amino acid that can be found in Green tea, black tea, and certain types of mushrooms. It can affect the levels of certain chemicals in the brain. These include serotonin and dopamine, which influence mood, sleep, and emotion, and cortisol, which helps the body deal with stress.

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